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    Customers who have purchased the Swegway E100 Electric Scooter from Th Firm gave good feedbacks regarding its ability to run and work as an entry level type of scooter suitable for their kids.

    Some customers also praised the wide platform of this product which allowed their children to properly stand and have a good balance while riding this electronic scooter.

    Many users were also satisfied with the sturdy and durable parts of the Swegway E100 Electric Scooter.

    This product is also made using sturdy but lightweight materials that many customers did find as a bonus feature of this electric scooter.



Specifically designed for use by kids ages 8 and above, the Swegway Electric Scooter - E175 has a kid-sized deck and includes features like a hand-operated front brake and a pair of twist-grip throttles that are easy to use and operate. These allow your child to control the scooter's direction, speed, and movement.


I personally will watch over you and try to make you learn the basics of skating.
I do not charge anything for it i just do it because i love skating.